How & Why

The world is changing fast and textile sector is not an exception; new markets are rising, some other are slowing down, new countries benefit from duty free exchanges, changing geopolitics scenarios shape new commercial routes and create or cancel existing hallways. Deals valid till some seasons ago might not be valid anymore.

Every client is searching for the best solution, to make the flows connected with his supply chain more efficient. Profilo Tessile is conscient it is nomore enough to ensure only a high quality fabric production; because of that is now be able to offer an easy, reliable, flexible supplying process supported by and global logistic service.

Some years ago, when Profilo Tessile was established, we thought that it was the right moment to create something different, an attractive multi-site business model providing proper and tailor-made solutions, based on customer production and distribution geography.

As additional service, besides the Italian option we can offer to our clients the possibility to produce in Far East or EMEA countries. Our owned local legal entities, enable us to provide the clients very high logistic efficiency and a natural duty and fiscal simplification, when required.